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Adobe Spark

Adobe’s creation tool offers a means to make media for Extend purposes offering a simple interface and a collection of starter templates.

Use Spark as a web tool or a mobile app to make infographics, social media posts, web pages, and videos.

What Does it Do?

"Create impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes with Adobe Spark" - this tool is aimed at non-professional designers to enable them to create high impact media using libraries of templates, media elements, and an an intuitive tool set. Media created in Spark can be shared easily in social media and web sites.



What is the relevance of this tool for Ontario Extend Educators?

  • No software required, create in web browser or a mobile app
  • Large collection of templates
  • Upload images or search open licensed ones from Unsplash
  • Simple editing tools
  • Spark content is hosted and can be easily shared


Things to keep in mind when considering use of this tool.

  • Free accounts have fewer available templates and media is watermarked, they definitely are trying to sell an upgraded service
  • Inviting others to collaborate is a paid feature

Examples in Action

These curated examples are ones created by Ontario Extend participants.

Activities Using Tool

See how this tool is used for Extend Module activities as well as in submitted responses.

  • Information as a Graphic -Spark is recommended in this activity for creating infographics
  • Built to Share – This activity calls for remixing an open-licensed photo. One could find open-licensed images from the Unsplash library in Spark and modify the image as this activity calls for,

This tool would be useful in any activity calling for creating / modifying graphics or video.

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