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Flipgrid offers a free service for educators (authenticate via your school email address or Microsoft account) for creating a topic oriented “grid” that allows for video back and forth video conversations and commentary. 

Instructors can use it for introductions, discussions, booktalks, reflections, and more.

What Does it Do?

"Flipgrid is simple. Engage and empower every voice in your classroom or community by recording and sharing short, awesome videos … together!"



What is the relevance of this tool for Ontario Extend Educators?

  • Set up spaces for short video responses, 15 seconds to 5 minutes maximum (time length can be limited to specific time).
  • Can be set to be shared in small groups or made public
  • Flipgrid works in all browsers and mobile apps are available too.
  • Free accounts are available for educators (via school email address)


Things to keep in mind when considering use of this tool.

  • May create expectation that faces need to be on camera
  • Some suggest the social media flavor to the environment may be a distraction

Examples in Action

These curated examples are ones created by Ontario Extend participants.

  • Extending Your PLN Educators in the mOOC version of Ontario Extend describe how the might extend their Professional Learning Network connections

Activities Using Tool

See how this tool is used for Extend Module activities as well as in submitted responses.

  • Flipping Over Flipgrid. We created an activity where we ask you to share (in less than 3 minutes) what advice you have for other educators about how to build and expand connections made here inside Ontario Extend

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Learn More

  • The Educators Guide to Flipgrid (Sean Fahey, Karly Moura & Jennifer Saarinen) “We did not create this ebook for Flipgrid, we did it for you, our fellow educators! Teaching can be very difficult. So we hope this ebook will be a helpful guide to get you more comfortable using Flipgrid in your classroom and promote more student voice and choice in sharing their learning.”
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