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Make presentations interactive and create audience survey/poll/quizzes that participants can respond to on mobile devices.

You will see Mentimeter in use in the Ontario Extend Curator Module used to see how we identify key words.

What Does it Do?

Use Mentimeter to create engaging activities with your audience or class. It's tools allow you to create interactive presentations that include surveys or poll questions for participants to respond to via mobile devices. They simply go to and enter a numerical code for your content.

Results can be seen as real-time graphs.



What is the relevance of this tool for Ontario Extend Educators?

  • “Make your audience feel involved by enabling them to contribute to presentations with their smartphones and show the results live.”
  • Participants respond on computer or mobile devices.
  • Create fully interactive presentations or single quiz type activities.
  • Library of templates for educators


Things to keep in mind when considering use of this tool.

  • Some limits to features for free version

Examples in Action

These curated examples are ones created by Ontario Extend participants.

Activities Using Tool

See how this tool is used for Extend Module activities as well as in submitted responses.

Mentimeter is not used directly in activities (though it could be used for the More Than Quizzes activity) but is part of the Curator Module section on Adopting a Savvy Search system.

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