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Padlet is a powerful collaboration tool used in several Ontario Extend modules and by many educators across Ontario.

What Does it Do?

Padlet is something people can use to make and share content with others. Somewhere between a doc and a full-fledged website builder, Padlet empowers everyone to make the content they want, whether it's a quick bulletin board, a blog, or a portfolio, existing as a large virtual workspace. Padlets can be set up for visitors to add content without requiring a login account.

Padlet content can be created via a web browser, browser extensions, plus apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices.



What is the relevance of this tool for Ontario Extend Educators?

  • Easy and Intuitive – you won’t find an simpler way to publish original content on the internet, period.
  • Inclusive – we welcome people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities to use Padlet.
  • Collaborative – Invite others to work with you on shared projects, assignments, and activities.
  • Flexible – Add any file type you wish, organize however you want, and make it as public or as private as your heart desires.
  • PortableiOS, Android, and Kindle apps available.
  • Beautiful – Hit the design sweet spot with just enough options that you can add your personal touch, but won’t be overwhelmed by customization menus.
  • Private and secure – Make your padlets viewable only to a select group of people. We transfer data via SSL, go through regular security and vulnerability testing, and encrypt all pages.
  • Supportive – This account (Support) doesn’t just tell you how to use our software, it shows you. And if you prefer to interact with people, you can email us at


Things to keep in mind when considering use of this tool.

  • Limited capability on free plan
  • Something else
  • And Another thing

Examples in Action

These curated examples are ones created by Ontario Extend participants.

  • Making Things Fly (Jane Extender) Short description. Vestibulum volutpat, lacus a ultrices sagittis, mi neque euismod dui, eu pulvinar nunc sapien ornare nisl. Phasellus pede arcu, dapibus eu, fermentum et, dapibus sed, urna.

Activities Using Tool

See how this tool is used for Extend Module activities as well as in submitted responses.

  • Curate Ontario Extend. There is so much great work in your responses to the activities in Ontario Extend, dispersed among all the places people are sharing. Maybe we can curate the best resources, suggestions, ideas out of them to share amongst ourselves or others?
  • Content Curation. We have a collaborative Padlet and you are all invited to the population party. Padlet is a great tool for curating your own course resources, personal interests, and more. You can make it as private or public as you like and include any mode of material. This Padlet is geared to show off your newly minted curation skills.

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Learn More

  • Padlet How To Videos (YouTube channel)
  • Padlet Gallery ( Get ideas from ones provided by padlet taff and users, all which can be re-used as starter templates
  • Padlet Knowledgebase ( Frequently asked questions and documentation
  • Padlet 101 for Higher Education (Dr Jodie Taylor) This Padlet contains everything you need to know to help you use Padlet in your classroom.
  • What’s in Your Padlet (University of Washington, Bothell) Ideas for use and examples by UW faculty.
  • How To Use Padlet: A Fantastic Tool For Teaching (Vicki Davis, CoolCatTeacher) Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, spent some time teaching the teachers at my school about Padlet. I’ve got some notes in this article that he mentioned in the workshop to give him due credit. Richard has a fantastic blog, and I highly recommend it.