The Extend Toolkit


Create quizzes and polls for use in class activities that students can respond to via their mobile devices. Results are graphed in real time.

Socrative is one poll toll suggested for the Ontario Extend Experimenter module Let’s Experiment activities.

What Does it Do?

Your classroom app for fun, effective engagement and on-the-fly assessments.



What is the relevance of this tool for Ontario Extend Educators?

  • Adds interactivity to classroom discussions and sessions
  • Check in realtime for student understanding
  • Designed for primary use on mobile devices
  • Generates summary reports



Things to keep in mind when considering use of this tool.

  • Limited features in free version

Examples in Action

These curated examples are ones created by Ontario Extend participants.

Seeking examples of use of this tool!

Activities Using Tool

See how this tool is used for Extend Module activities as well as in submitted responses.

  • Surveying Activity. One of the suggested tools for this activity in the Experimenter module to design a survey.

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By Module

  • Experimenter
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  • Poll
  • Quiz
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